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Healing The Hurt

Sometimes words are too poor a medium to capture an experience... working with Noelia is like that. From the first calm, quiet moments, through deep spiritual connection, on to physical and emotional healing, words can not do justice to what unfurls.

I want to paint with colours and create music here on the page, to use Haiku and the scents of Spring flowers, but I am reduced to these monochrome letters to say how truly wondrous and special is time spent with this exceptional therapist.

Working with Noelia was beautiful and transformative. I felt whole, energised, strengthened and joyous. I am so very glad to have found her!

Alison Shaftesbury May 2017

Noelia, I think you gave me one of best massages I've ever had..the depth of healing you offer is very rare & I felt relaxed days after the treatment & a lasting difference of tension dissolving. Thank you.

Catherine March 2017

I visited Noelia for the first time and I have say what a lovely lady with a beautiful energy,after a chat which Noelia puts you at ease with her soft spoken voice,noelia set about starting my massage,it was to say the least one of the best massages I've ever received,soft and gentle but when needed more pressure applied,i felt every slip away fom my body to the point I nearly fell asleep I was at ease that much,i will definitely be booking in again with the wonderful Noelia

S. February 2017

I felt very comfortable in the capable hands of Noelia.  She took time before the massage to get to know me, anything that may affect the massage as well as understanding what I was looking for from the massage.  I appreciated the  tailored approach as opposed to "one massage fits all".

As I am pregnant she ensured that I was completely comfortable and happy before she started and confirmed what level of pressure I would like.  I came to her with a very stiff shoulder and neck and the following day it was so much better.  The whole experience was really relaxing.  Noelia is obviously very experienced and brings a calming holistic approach to her massages which helps to create a very calming atmosphere and ultimately a really enjoyable experience.

I would certainly recommend a massage from Noelia and will be back again!

TB September 2016

As soon as I met Noelia, I felt safe.

Walking into her room was like walking into a sanctuary: I knew immediately I could trust her.
Her warmth and compassionate energy are palpable and she listens with engaging directness: every word you utter is important to her…you feel as if she can see into your very soul.
A discussion with her is like being enfolded in a gentle, and caring embrace.
She never seems to take control, gently emphasising that it is you who chooses which treatment feels right for that particular day; yet you also know it is her expertise and skill that is guiding you both. And you let go.

I have had a variety of treatments now; using light or strong pressure, no one session is the same.
Every treatment is unique and very special. From deep massage with oils, to light gentle touch, to hands free massage…..all create a true sense of well being.
However, for me, the holistic energy healing treatments have been the most powerful; with the healing magic invested in her hands, Noelia (helped by her superb choice of music for each different session) is able to unblock negative energy, transforming it into something truly positive and creative.

Her kindness and her life-enhancing innate wisdom (in one so young) all create for you a strong sense of Self. You leave her room totally relaxed, happier…. and a little wiser.

She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

CN, Marnhull May 2016

I feel much better since the massage on Thursday. A relaxing weekend of walking and talking with friends also helps! I thoroughly enjoyed your approach and the atmosphere you create in your space. I particularly enjoyed the connection you built between your breath, your massage, my body and my breath. I have not had a massage like this before and it was very powerful. My family who live in Buckhorn Weston have asked for your contact details! I will of course put them in your direction.

GM, London

I was visiting family for the week when I found Noelia on line, and I'm so glad I did. I was 4 1/2 months pregnant at the time with my second child and with already looking after my toddler, I was physically tired and also finding that I wasn't giving myself time to connect properly with the new baby.

I've had pregnancy massages with my first pregnancy so knew how beneficial they were.

As soon as I met Noelia I felt relaxed, her natural manner and energy was very warming and personal. I felt like she listened to me very intently and I felt confident I would have a good treatment on this basis.

Noelia really made me feel like although she was the expert, it was my time and I was in charge. I felt comfortable that if needed, I could say if I wanted her to adapt my treatment or if there was anything I wasn't comfortable with, not that I needed her to change anything as it was amazing!

The music and treatment oil Noelia used was perfect and the treatment itself was fantastic. I had said that despite being pregnant I liked a hard pressure when massaged. Noelia's pressure was spot on and using the no hands massage I really felt that not only did it relax me, it actually eased the tension in my muscles. Throughout the treatment I couldn't help but let out big loud sighs, it was just so relaxing and exactly what I needed!

Towards the end of my treatment I even felt quite emotional as Noelia's touch softened and I felt like I was really allowing time for myself and connecting with my baby.

If I didn't live in Manchester I would be making regular appointments with Noelia

SM, Manchester

Dear Noelia, you are THE best massage therapist I know.

A little thing about what you do...

From the moment you step into this sanctuary, you feel enveloped in chilled-ness and a sense of really being cared for. I went for a hands free massage during a very emotionally stressful time in my life and it was such a help. Often we deny ourselves the gift of time for ourselves and also the healing power of touch....I didn't realise how powerful it was until I experienced it - both physically and emotionally. Noelia tailors the massage exactly as you would wish it to be - from pressure, body location and music.

In Touch Massage is AWESOME - GO NOW!!!


LB Shaftesbury

Buddhism teaches us that the physical self affects the mental self, and the mental self affects the physical self. It only takes one of these to go out of balance to cause problems. As a mental health patient I can frequently find myself out of balance, with the stress of my mental self frequently causing aches and pains for my physical self. However, in 45 minutes; Noelia helps reset the scales and bring my body back into balance. Stress, aches, it's all gone.

I have been so pleased with my treatments that i recommended Noelia to my mum, my dad and even my boss. And now I recommend Noelia to you, for stress, for aches or just to relax. All of you reading this will take something positive away from In-touch massage.

TL Gillingham

After many years of low back, hip and shoulder pain I was introduced to Noelia. She is a talented young lady who has made such a difference to my range of movement and has decreased the severity of the pain to such a degree that I often forget about it altogether. She manages to put me back together when I have fallen and always has a smile.

Noelia is kind and gentle; she is as strong as an ox. Noelia has a wealth of techniques to assist healing and a huge depth of knowledge to underpin her practice. I look forward to my sessions with her.

LM, Shaftesbury

I have been treated by Noelia many times, using the No Hands therapy technique and I have benefited greatly from each session. Her lovely personality compliments her therapeutic work .She has shown great sensitivity towards my particular discomforts and needs, both physical and emotional. She uses her wonderful intuition so wisely as she applies her therapeutic work.

It is easy to relax in her presence and she is thoroughly professional in her approach. I would certainly and gladly recommend her.

JG Gillingham

I have been going to Noelia for about a year now and when I started I weighed about seventeen stone. I felt very conscious about my weight but Noelia who is so kind and lovely has put me at my ease and turned me into a believer in the benefits of massage.

She intuitively knows where the problem areas are even when I don't . She creates a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. I believe Noelia has helped me on my journey of weight loss and has helped me tone my body through the power of massage.

Noelia definitely has magic hands and arms.

EP, Shaftesbury

After receiving the first massage from Noelia I felt lifted in both mind and body. My tennis elbow which was the object of the treatment was severly reduced and has since disappeared.

I would not hesitate to recommend Noelia to those seeking an answer to their physical problems.

TH, Shaftesbury

Noelia has a magic touch. Her wisdom and sympathy are effective, rewarding and life enhancing. I can't recommend her more highly.

AG, Shaftesbury

Having had many massages from Noelia over the past year and a half I am very happy to recommend Noelia to friends and family.Noelia has created a very safe, warm environment for her client’s treatments which are designed to how I am feeling on the day.Every treatment is very unique and very special.

I did massage for a living for 14 years before my retirement and feel very confident in Noelia’s healing hands.

MC, Shaftesbury

Sorry for delay in sending this...been manic with work - hols balance, we are off on holiday tomorrow, can't wait!!! Hope this is ok! "Noelia provides a safe healing space and is a truly holistic therapist. 'No-hands massage' is empowering to the recipient, as it works on issues specified in the initial consultation, so one feels mind, body & soul are nurtured in the process.

I recommend Noelia & no-hands massage highly.

OS, Shaftesbury

I went to Noelia because my daughter recommended her and very kindly gifted me my first massage. I felt pain in both shoulders and in my back and was feeling a wreck at the time. I walked into Noelia's calm, warm, womb-like room and after a short consultation she got to work on my troubled body. It was wonderful, I felt almost as if she was working from the inside out, really deep massage and she found very quickly, the place from where my shoulder pain originated.

It was an extremely therapeutic and heavenly experience, which I didn't want to end! I have been back again and again and each time my body improves in leaps and bounds.

I would thoroughly recommend Noelia as she is very professional and takes a deep holistic look at what needs to be done and is guided by one's own wishes as to the client's preferred strength of massage too.

Thanks so much, I will be back soon Noelia to book another appointment or five!

AT, Sherborne

Initially when I came across in-touch massage through my eldest son I was unsure if I could even tolerate it. Massage is something I'd wanted to try for many years but having the condition fibromyalgia made me hesitate as I was unsure if it was to painful for me. Noelia was offering sessions as a fundraiser for cancer research for £10 at the time. I was willing to pay this for an initial taster even if it proved to painful at least a charity would still benefit. I went, I tried & was overwhelmed by the benefits I felt from this form of massage.

It was wonderful, talking to Noelia before she started, explaining my conditions to her & trusting her to know how to work with my body. Some sessions we can go deeply into my aches & pains both referred & direct from my various health challenges. Each massage leaves me with a feeling of well being & relaxation that lifts my mood & eases my body.

Some may find the rekei & relaxation techniques hard to connect with but for me it helps it has given me techniques to use in everyday life when nerves, depression or panic attacks raise challenges for me.

Noelia has through her massages taught me how to ease my colon using a ball & I have brought my own crystal ball that she enthused for me to treat myself at home.

Through recommendations from myself & her many other satisfied customers and my busy schedule I can't treat myself as often as I'd like but she always does her best to fit me in. I know when my body needs a massage & the way it will benefit from one I'm so glad I discovered this amazing lady & her treatments.

Once you've discovered the wonders of her skills & in-touch massage you will be hooked for life & benefit so much from them you won't know how you managed before.

Despite my conditions Noelia works wonders with my body & even my mind through the relaxation & peace generated by her skills & techniques. 5 gold stars are not enough to describe how wonderful in-touch massage & Noelia are.

PL Gillingham

In 1997 when I was only 15 I crushed two vertebrae in my lower back and fractured my skull. I had always wanted to be a dancer but my GP told me I would have to be very careful and that I was likely to suffer with back pain later on in life.

I looked after my body and had little symptoms until after the birth of my first child. When I carried my baby it was excruciating. Sleeping on my back or my side was painful. My GPs advise was Physiotherapy and pain killers. I tried both with no success. Back pain became part of my everyday life. No day was free from pain, it was just different levels of severity.

After having 3 children I had become accustomed to the pain and sleepless nights. In more resent years I started suffering with my wrists, knees and ankles. I was working in a local tea room and even carrying the trays became challenging as my wrists would often give way. Standing in one place whilst washing the dishes would send burning sensations down my back and through my legs. The symptoms became unbearable so I handed in my notice. My GP ran tests and referred me to specialists but no one could help me. Then I met Noelia.

After my very first session with her I was already noticing big improvements. She was very good at pin pointing where the problem was originating from and showing me the connections. Not all of the symptoms were to do with my fractures. Some of the aches and pains were to do with emotional stress and burden which led to tight muscles, frozen jaw and even me biting my tongue whilst sleeping.

I had not realised that I had made up coping strategies to deal with the physical pain and in doing so I had over compensated other parts of my body. I had become stiff from top to bottom. I looked and felt like a robot when I walked. I was afraid of bending, twisting, swinging or generally moving just in case I might slip a disc.

Noelia used different massage techniques to release tension from my muscles.

Being able to walk properly was a gift that Noelia gave to me. I was able to walk in a relaxed state where my hips could swing as they were supposed to. I became more supple and I could breath better. Each time I saw Noelia I came out of her treatment with renewed energy and a sense of freedom.

Noelia truly cares about her clients. Not only did she help me in her treatment time but she also taught me techniques I could use at home which have played an important part of my pain free journey. She helped me to recognise my own body's warning signs and how to prevent damage. She has given me practical exercises and pointers to work on at home.

Since having treatments with Noelia I have been able to sleep through the night undisturbed by physical pain or nightmares. I wake up refreshed and energised. I have been pain free and more active.

I had forgotten how wonderful life is when it is pain free. The difference that Noelia has made to my everyday living and indeed my life is indescribable. Sometime in the near future I am going back to dancing and I’m so excited! I cannot thank Noelia enough for all that she has done for me.

KH Shaftesbury

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